D.K. Thompson
flooding 08/29/2011
My whole town is flooded and I can't get anywhere


09/16/2011 08:48

oh that sucks

09/19/2011 17:36

My name is Jim Wenzloff. I am a former teacher and technology director. I do a lot of teacher training. I will be commenting on your blog and offering a few suggestions about blogging as part of the Edublog challenge. Sometimes suggestions sound like criticism. I’m trying to help you improve and give them help you stretch your thinking. I think it is great that you are publishing your work for everyone to read.

You have been through a lot lately. First and earthquake and then a flood. You should write more detail about the flood. Were you worried? What did your family do?


09/24/2011 03:33

Oh that isn't good. I hope nothing happened.

09/30/2011 06:26

Man, What State are you in? I did'nt get flooded where I was from. But I got alot of water! It was awful!

10/21/2011 07:48

Hey Dk Thompson. That sucks that your town got flodded. I hope you and your family are ok. Did this happen during that hurricane. Well goodbye

04/10/2012 23:05

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