D.K. Thompson
earth quake 08/23/2011
Just felt my first earth quake it was a 5.9. It was felt all up and down the entire east cost. the epicenter was in Virginia near a nuclear power plant.   This is a first in jersey there was some damage reported.


09/16/2011 09:40

Hi, I’m Michaella
I would just like to say that I loved your earthquake blog. I felt it too. It was very short, but it was interesting. I’m wondering if you had a flood too. We had off of school because of it. Write back 

09/20/2011 11:29

Hi i'm Allan. Nice blog about the earthquake. I just wanna say that I felt to. It was my second earthquake. The first was when I lived on the west coast.

04/10/2012 23:04

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