D.K. Thompson
My whole town is flooded and I can't get anywhere
Just felt my first earth quake it was a 5.9. It was felt all up and down the entire east cost. the epicenter was in Virginia near a nuclear power plant.   This is a first in jersey there was some damage reported.
I read some of the most creative, funny, sad, and shocking stories ever on this site. If you like literature you will love this site.  My favorite story on it  is The Danger Zone.  Here is a link to fan fic
This is the only place to record music free online, and the music that comes out is amazing looking at the fact that its free.  I tried it once and I was hooked.  I didn't pot the music from it on my website yet but I plan to.  The only drawback is that you have to pay to mix-down, but I find that recording a playback is an adequate and free substitute here's a link
Mybytes is a place where you can make ring-tones, and they come out great! You can use credits to get other peoples ring-tones: here is a link find "djproman" for some great music

hi I,m kamau